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Although both pupils should be equal in size, a 1-mm discrepancy is consid-ered a normal deviation. This condition is known as anisocoria and is present in 15% to 17% of the popula-tion without any known clinical significance.6 Pupil size should be assessed both before and after the pupil responds to direct light Discussion Anisocoria can imply serious underlying pathology, so accurate pupil testing and astute observation are paramount. This review discusses the differential diagnosis of a large pupil (anisocoria more obvious in the light) and a small pupil (anisocoria more obvious in the dark), and discusses the relevant afferent pupillary defect, in which there is no anisocoria but both pupils react The most common cause of pupil abnormality after ECCE was due to iris sphincter rupture, whereas the most common cause after phacoemulsification was due to iris trauma during phacoemulsification. These pupil abnormalities are the direct consequence of factors in surgery and we suggest ways to minimize the occurrence of such abnormalities in cataract surgery. Abnormal pupil • Congenital defects (e.g.

Rupture sphincter of pupil

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The study of Rupture Of Sphincter Of Pupil has been mentioned in research publications which can be found using our bioinformatics tool below. Local sphincter tears can cause a slight teardrop formation of the pupil or a sector of the iris may be deformed. Pigment can migrate from the pupil over the injured iris tissue.

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Not Coded Here. congenital deformity of pupil (Q13.2-)  22 Nov 2018 Traumatic iris sphincter tear has been thought to occur secondary to simulation modelling of intracameral forces causing pupil block due to  Factors Affecting Pupil Size. • Topical medications: o Mydriatics /miotics/other agents.

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It creates even tension at around 300° of the supported pupil and the chances of sphincter damage and postoperatively deformed pupil may be less.
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Rupture sphincter of pupil


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Deformed pupil; Ectopic pupil; Rupture of sphincter, pupil. Not Coded Here.

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( MeSH ) Conditions which affect the structure or function of the pupil of the eye, including disorders of innervation to the pupillary constrictor or dilator muscles, and disorders of pupillary reflexes.;Conditions in which the pupil does not react normally to dilation and constriction. The most common cause of pupil abnormality after ECCE was due to iris sphincter rupture, whereas the most common cause after phacoemulsification was due to iris trauma during phacoemulsification. Se hela listan på eyewiki.aao.org Anatomical terms of muscle. The iris sphincter muscle ( pupillary sphincter, pupillary constrictor, circular muscle of iris, circular fibers) is a muscle in the part of the eye called the iris. It encircles the pupil of the iris, appropriate to its function as a constrictor of the pupil. Patients with anisocoria, or inequality in the size of the pupils, usually present emergently and generate much anxiety in the emergency room.

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